Pre-party in hell

On Thursday evening starting we will have a pre-party at Põrgu which is the Estonian word for hell. But if this is what hell looks like you want to go there 😀
We reserved a table from 19:30. They have a nice food menu and it sure is place if you like to taste some nice local beers.
The address is Ruutli 4, which is in a basement behind the Nicolas church, which you can find between Freedom square and Town hall square.

Hostel sold out

As of tonight the hostel is sold out. So unless there is a cancellation all beds will be occupied.

There will be different rooms to cater peoples wishes: ladies room, couples room, quit room, “I don’t get shy when I see someone naked room”. You can give your preferences at the bar when you check in.

Login for returning visitors

When you have visited the TSC before, you can login with your previously created account. If you use a smartphone please hold it sideways to see the login option.

I have reported this bug to the creator of the plugin.

The website is online!

We had a little delay this year, but the website is online! We got rid of the old URL as Facebook seemed to have a bit of a problem with it, so let’s hope this will not cause any problems.

Ticket sales will start on January 1st 2019 at 01:00 EET. 21 hours later at 22:00 the normal early bird sales will start.