Last tickets only as combi tickets

As we are reaching the maximum capacity of the sauna venue, Evelin and I decided that the last tickets will only be available as combi tickets with a hostel room.
We are sorry if this is causing some inconvenience to people who waited till the last minute to book a ticket.

SSL added

It is long overdue, but when logging in your username and password are now safe as well. I finally added an SSL certificate, so the website runs on HTTPS now. Nerdy stuff, but important. Thanks Tatu for the reminder!

Booking is open!

It has taken a while, as with all the new things, we needed to wait for confirmations and figure out how to present the smaller rooms. But, it now is open, so book your tickets, and tell your friends to book tickets!

New sauna

Heldeke logo

We are happy to announce we found a new sauna place. It is a very cozy place owned by Dan, an awesome Aussie who besides a nice selection of beer also offers an impressive selection of non-alcoholic beverages to quench your thirst are all the seating in the sauna.
The place also has a small stage, so if you would like to do a performance, contact the organizers.

New hostel

Since the owner of the Monks Bunk building has stopped the rent to the hostel, we cannot go back to our beloved TSC-home. Good thing, the owner of the Monks Bunk got himself a beautiful new building in the heart of old town. He build a new hostel there that quickly will feel as our TSC-home again! It has 14 more beds, so you can even invite more friends and it has more smaller rooms.

Pre-party in hell

On Thursday evening starting we will have a pre-party at Põrgu which is the Estonian word for hell. But if this is what hell looks like you want to go there 😀
We reserved a table from 19:30. They have a nice food menu and it sure is place if you like to taste some nice local beers.
The address is Ruutli 4, which is in a basement behind the Nicolas church, which you can find between Freedom square and Town hall square.

Hostel sold out

As of tonight the hostel is sold out. So unless there is a cancellation all beds will be occupied.

There will be different rooms to cater peoples wishes: ladies room, couples room, quit room, “I don’t get shy when I see someone naked room”. You can give your preferences at the bar when you check in.