TLDR: Stay within your limits, don’t act stupid and have fun. You are responsible for your own behaviour!

General rules of the 11th Tallinn Sauna Camp 2020

1. The 11th Tallinn Sauna Camp takes place from 28th of February till 1st of March 2020 in Tallinn (hereinafter “the Camp”).

2. The “Participant” is any person who attends the Camp. Each Participant of the main event will be given a wrist band (hereinafter “the Wrist band”).

3. The Participant will take good care of the Wrist band and will not lose it. The Camp organizers reserve the right to send away the Participant without the Wrist band.

4. The Participant will follow the Camp agenda and will attend all events previously selected.

5. The Participant will behave politely, kindly and helpfully with all other participants.

6. The Participant will not break or harm Camp facilities or other property and will keep the environment safe.

7. The Participant is fully responsible for any damage caused by him/her and undertakes to fully compensate for such damage.

8. The Participant is responsible for his/her own personal belongings. Organizers do not take any liability for lost items or property.

9. The Participant will keep the area of the Camp clean and throw garbage only in places meant for that purpose.

10. The Participant will follow the fire safety requirements.

11. Smoking is permitted only in designated places, marked accordingly.

12. The Participant will follow all instructions from organizers and all warning and/or prohibition signs.

13. The Participant will not enter other areas of the building not rented for the Camp.

14. The organizers reserve the right to reprimand the offending Participant and/or to send the Participant away before the end of the Camp. No refund.

15. Alcohol is permitted within reasonable limits (where the Participant’s actions do not become annoying to other participants or to threat to him/herself). Use of drugs, or violent or abusive behavior to other participants is strictly prohibited.

16. Organizers do not take any liability for any health issue or injury of the Participants.

17. The Participant agrees that the organizers shall not be liable for any accident, and are not required to compensate any damage which may arise.

18. Payments are final. Organizers do not have to pay back participation fees, if a participant decides to change plans. If an event is cancelled there will be a restitution.

19. For any matters not covered by the general rules of the Camp, participants will behave in accordance with orders from organizers and laws of the Republic of Estonia.